Former Judge Providing Experienced Litigation Consulting

The best lawyers understand there is no shame in bringing other bright legal minds to the table to help prepare and strengthen their complex cases. I am Mark A. Frankel, founder of Frankel ADR, LLC, in Middleton, Wisconsin, and I work with attorneys throughout Central Wisconsin, serving as a valued consultant or expert witness in a broad spectrum of complex civil litigation.

Assisting Clients In A Variety Of Legal Matters

My 20 years of experience as a Dane County Circuit Court judge and 14 years working in private practice and corporate law have provided me a wealth of knowledge and insights in a wide range of legal matters.

In my consultant role, I help attorneys:

  • Evaluate case credibility
  • Determine the most effective themes in a case
  • Develop realistic priorities and goals
  • Analyze documentation and determine the most important pieces of potential evidence
  • Help develop strategy and structure of a case
  • Prepare and assess witness testimony
  • Enhance the preservation of a case for appeal

An Expert Witness Who Brings Credibility and Inclusive Legal Analysis

The law gives certain witnesses, by virtue of their education and experience, automatic authority and credibility. I am able to provide highly regarded expert witness testimony on a wide range of subjects, including business law, real estate issues, damage claims, the award of attorney fees and more.

Whether you need an expert witness, a few hours of legal consulting or you seek a highly qualified attorney advisor for a longer term, I stand ready to enhance your performance and improve the chances of a positive outcome in your case. My firm can assist you with your Middleton litigation consulting needs.

Call 608-620-7252 or use my contact form to schedule an appointment. We serve clients in Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay and throughout Central Wisconsin.