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Mediation is an effective and increasingly popular alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tool that provides both parties in a dispute with an opportunity to reach a resolution in an informal setting and with the assistance of a skilled, neutral third party. When conducted properly, ADR offers a cost-effective option to the risk and expense of litigation.

Retired Judge Assisting Individuals And Business Owners In Disputes

At Frankel ADR, LLC, in Madison, Wisconsin, I draw upon the strengths of both facilitative and evaluative mediation techniques, relying upon my 20 years of experience as a judge and 14 years in legal practice to offer parties a unique perspective on the merits of their case while encouraging and facilitating dialogue. Finding the most effective balance between these two approaches involves evaluating each client’s needs and the particular dynamics of each dispute.

Facilitative mediation follows the classic mediation format in which the neutral helps facilitate communication between the parties to a dispute. The advantage of facilitative mediation is the opportunity it affords for significant client input into the dispute resolution process.

Evaluative mediation is a process in which the neutral offers an evaluation of the legal merits and risks inherent in a dispute as a means to better assist the parties in gauging the advantages and disadvantages of their litigation alternative. Each party has the benefit of a thoughtful and experienced neutral perspective.

“Mark Frankel mediated a complex case for us involving difficult issues and personalities. He worked harder than any mediator I have ever worked with and brought about a successful resolution of the matter. He had an immediate grasp of the considerable facts both sides presented to him and demonstrated not only a willingness to keep working until the matter was resolved, but also a deft manner in dealing with the personalities involved. I do not believe this matter would have been resolved without his help. I would not hesitate to use Mr. Frankel in any ADR setting in the future.”
Attorney Robert L. Elliott, Milwaukee

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If you are interested in pursuing an alternative resolution to a dispute, call 608-824-6409 or email me to discuss your case with a professional mediator. I work with lawyers throughout Central Wisconsin, including Madison, Milwaukee, Janesville and Waukesha.

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