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With civil court dockets more clogged than ever, attorneys and judges are looking for more creative ways to manage their cases and reach resolutions more rapidly. The appointment of referees and special masters is an option that is both increasingly popular and a practical necessity in some cases.

Referees and special masters become involved at the behest of counsel or the court. They allow courts and the parties to streamline case management, with an overall objective of reaching a resolution more quickly and without constant oversight and involvement by the trial court.

Special masters are individuals of unquestioned neutrality and extensive litigation experience who have an ability to oversee and resolve complex pretrial litigation issues, and an abiding understanding and familiarity with the judicial process. These neutral third parties also bring expertise in key areas such as online legal research, technology, accounting and finance.

The work of a Middleton ADR special master/referee typically involves overseeing discovery disputes, property distributions and allocations, as well as accounting, administering settlements and monitoring decrees.

Uniquely Qualified Special Master/Referee

I am Mark A. Frankel of Frankel ADR, LLC, in Middleton, Wisconsin. I am a retired Dane County Circuit Court judge who was the first judge in the state to utilize and teach other judges about computerized legal research. Add to that the fact that I am a former computer programmer, and it becomes evident why I am uniquely qualified to serve as a special master or discovery referee, particularly regarding electronic disputes or complex discovery management issues that involve the disclosure, retention and use of electronic data.

I have a proven track record of success in cases where I have served as a special master or referee, as well as in a mediation or arbitration role. I take great pride in my preparation, and I’m committed to fully understanding the legal, factual and personality dynamics at the heart of each case. The testimonials I have received, along with repeat referrals from lawyers throughout Wisconsin, are testament to my performance.

Providing Answers To Your Questions

I invite you to contact me with any questions regarding the use and capabilities of an ADR special master or referee. Call 608-824-6409 or use the contact form on this website. I work with clients in Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay and throughout Central Wisconsin.

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