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Frankel ADR, LLC
One Of Wisconsin’s Most Effective
ADR Professionals
Frankel ADR, LLC
One Of Wisconsin’s Most Effective
ADR Professionals


At Frankel ADR, LLC, my goal is to help business owners and other parties resolve disputes as efficiently and effectively as possible. I assist people using alternative dispute resolution (ADR), so they can move on with certainty and a minimum of unnecessary expense and conflict

Disputes Can Be Resolved Creatively And Efficiently

While strong litigation skills often are a critical component of effective client representation, the best attorneys also have the ability — and the inclination — to resolve difficult disputes short of trial through mediation or arbitration whenever possible. Of course, successful alternative dispute resolution hinges in large part upon the experience, integrity and legal skills of the mediator or arbitrator you work with. I now offer online mediation services so that parties don’t have to appear in person.

Experienced Case Evaluation And Trial Strategy

I’m Mark Frankel, founder of Frankel ADR in Middleton, Wisconsin. My 20 years of experience as a Dane County Circuit Court judge has proven invaluable in assisting clients with ADR. In addition to being a retired judge, I also spent 14 years in private and corporate law practice before starting my own full-time practice which offers Middleton ADR services.

I use mediation and arbitration to help parties resolve hundreds of cases, including complex, multimillion-dollar disputes in construction, contract, insurance, probate, personal injury, real estate and more.

A Uniquely Qualified Special Master/Referee

My knowledge, experience, skill and track record of success have garnered state and national recognition, including:

  • Best Lawyers in America in ADR, 2006-2013
  • Wisconsin Super Lawyers in business litigation, 2005-2013
  • Recipient of the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Distinguished Service Award, ADR Section
  • Selected for panel listing by the American Arbitration Association (AAA), International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR) and National Arbitration Forum, among others

I am also available to arbitrate complex disputes, to undertake complex litigation matters as a special master, and I regularly serve as a litigation consultant or an expert witness in complex litigation on substantive legal issues.

My Philosophy On Effectively Resolving Disputes

I pursue a full understanding of the legal, factual and personality dynamics at the heart of each case. By doing so, I am able to immediately focus on helping the parties identify key issues, separate wants from needs and initiate a productive dialogue.

Alternative dispute resolution has many advantages that could serve your case well. Find out why I encourage clients to explore these options.

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Why Use Alternative Dispute Resolution?

ADR has grown in popularity because of its efficiencies and simplified procedures versus the growing costs and delay of full-blown litigation. Parties can tailor the ADR process to fit and help resolve the unique characteristics of their own dispute. They also have the option to retain a significant voice in the ultimate resolution of the dispute.

What’s more, it has been shown that agreements reached through ADR endure because the parties affected by the decisions are also the ones making them. When parties reach their own agreement, they are more amenable to abide by the conditions of that agreement.

Contact me to discuss your legal matters at 608-824-6409 or email my office to provide more details about your case.

Creativity. Perseverance. Preparedness.

“Judge Mark Frankel is on my short list of the best business litigation mediators I have used over the past 25 years. He has resolved most cases, many of which were extremely complicated due to uncertainties in the facts, the law, and more often than not the parties themselves. His unique blend of experiences as a Circuit Court judge, in-house corporate counsel, and partner in the business section of a large law firm give him unique insights for resolving business disputes. Two business cases he was unsuccessful in resolving in mediation turned out exactly the way he predicted them after two years of litigation. If you choose Judge Frankel, I recommend both sides listen carefully to what he has to say.”

— Attorney Charles Koehler

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