Judge Mark Frankel is on my short list of the best business litigation mediators I have used over the past 25 years. He has resolved most cases, many of which were extremely complicated due to uncertainties in the facts, the law, and more often than not the parties themselves. His unique blend of experiences as a Circuit Court judge, in-house corporate counsel, and partner in the business section of a large law firm give him unique insights for resolving business disputes. Two business cases he was unsuccessful in resolving in mediation turned out exactly the way he predicted them after two years of litigation. If you choose Judge Frankel, I recommend both sides listen carefully to what he has to say.

Attorney Charles Koehler

Judge Frankel served as presuit mediator on a complex commercial dispute involving a multinational corporation and large commercial contractor. He was very effective in bringing the parties together and his bench experience established the credibility necessary to do so. I and my client were impressed with his practical approach and immediate grasp of fairly complicated facts and legal issues. I highly recommend Judge Frankel and will certainly use him in the future.

Atty Jason G. Wied, Lin.Liebmann.Wied LLC

With his experience on the bench, Judge Frankel gives the quarreling parties confidence in the fairness of the result in arbitration, and the wisdom of his guidance in mediation. I highly recommend his service as arbitrator to resolve complex disputes for far less cost than court room proceedings.

Judge Frankel has provided useful guidance in mediation and wise results in arbitration. His experience on the bench has given my clients a sense of fairness at far less cost than court room proceedings.

Atty. Nicholas J. Loniello, Loniello & Associates

Mark Frankel has been selected as a mediator and arbitrator in a wide variety of my cases ranging from breach of contract and construction disputes, frac mining and real estate transactions, business torts and shareholder litigation. Both sides have received the benefit of Mark’s experience and stature as a retired judge, his thorough preparation for each session, and his ability to critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s claims and defenses. Mark’s efforts have forged settlements in a number of cases where no one expected resolution short of trial.

Atty. H. Dale Peterson, Stroud, Willink & Howard, LLC

Mark Frankel is a highly skilled, well-prepared and fair mediator who is willing to do the hard work and spend the time needed to first understand a case and then settle it. He is candid in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the parties’ respective positions. He is not hesitant to challenge lawyers’ arguments and he does so in a way that is thoughtful, open-minded and productive. Even as a mediation extended until after midnight, Mark tirelessly worked toward a successful resolution and left counsel and clients appreciative of a job well done.

Atty. Thomas L. Skalmoski, Weiss Berzowski Brady

I would highly recommend Mark Frankel as a mediator. As a former judge, his demeanor and approach were very effective in resolving a case that I had that involved strong (and not always rational) personalities on both sides. I very much appreciated Mark’s professionalism and diligence to keep working with the parties to get through several impasses until a deal could be struck.

Atty. Allen Larson, Bender, Levi, Larson & Associates, S.C.

I have had occasion to use Frankel ADR services on a couple of occasions in the past year (2013). On both occasions, the parties greatly benefited from having an experienced mediator with true bench experience, which Judge Frankel brings to the table. It is invaluable to the client to hear a realistic evaluation of not just the facts associated with a dispute, but the applicable law from someone who has judged and ruled on the application of law for many years. Neither matter was particularly close to resolution at the commencement of our discussions, but Judge Frankel’s willingness to stay the course and assist the parties ensured that we were able to ultimately reach a settlement — even when one matter required work until close to 8 p.m. that evening to accomplish the goal.

I would strongly recommend Frankel ADR services for any litigation matter.

Atty. Daniel A. Kaplan, partner in the Madison office of Foley & Lardner LLP

Judge Frankel skillfully and successfully mediated a complex land use dispute involving multiple private and public sector parties. I highly recommend his services.

Atty. John A. St. Peter, Edgarton, St. Peter, Petak & Rosenfeldt

Mark is a creative problem-solver. He found the way to resolve a very contentious and complex dispute by challenging the parties to think out of the box and find common ground. He was fully prepared and his thorough understanding of the parties’ positions was instrumental to the resolution of the dispute.

Atty. Timm P. Speerschneider, DeWitt Ross & Stephens S.C.

I have used Mark for several very complicated mediations and have been able to resolve these claims. I recommend Mark without reservation.

Atty. Jeff Berzowski, Di Renzo & Bomier, LLC

Mark Frankel served as a mediator for a complex construction project dispute where I represented an institutional owner. He took the time to read and analyze extensive submissions and provided a detailed evaluation and assessment of each side’s position on numerous issues and claims. It was a multistep mediation where Mark’s analysis, as well as his diligence and patience, helped the parties reach a settlement before entering the high-cost world of litigation and discovery.

Atty. David Krutz, Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP, Milwaukee

Mark Frankel has successfully mediated some of my most complex cases. He is a straightforward and creative problem-solver who helps both counsel and client reach satisfactory resolutions.

Atty. Linda S. Balisle, Balisle & Roberson, Madison

Mark Frankel has been masterful in mediating significant, difficult cases. He relates very well and engenders confidence and trust from all involved. He is always well-prepared and insightful.

Atty. R. George Burnett, Liebmann, Conway, Olejniczak & Jerry, Green Bay

As an experienced trial attorney in a large Chicago firm, I would rate Mark among the best arbitrator/mediators I have encountered. Our matter began as a mediation session. During the second day, it was suggested that arbitration might better resolve the stalemate. Mark deftly exchanged his mediator hat for his arbitration hat and successfully resolved a matter that neither side held out much hope for success at the beginning of the session.

Atty. Vincent J. Connelly, Mayer Brown, LLP, Chicago

Mark Frankel mediated a complex case for us involving difficult issues and personalities. He worked harder than any mediator I have ever worked with and brought about a successful resolution of the matter. He had an immediate grasp of the considerable facts both sides presented to him and demonstrated not only a willingness to keep working until the matter was resolved but also a deft manner in dealing with the personalities involved. I do not believe this matter would have been resolved without his help. I would not hesitate to use Mr. Frankel in any ADR setting in the future.

Atty. Robert L. Elliott, Milwaukee

We could not have been more pleased with Mark Frankel’s ability to master the issues, evidence and impediments to settlement in a complex business dispute of several years’ duration. He brought strong insight, interpersonal skills and dedication to the process and accomplished what earlier out-of-state mediators could not.

Atty. Robert Gegios, Kohner, Mann & Kailas, Milwaukee

In a contentious business dispute in 2006, all three corporate parties, from different states, asked Mark Frankel for assistance in seeking a mediated resolution of their dispute. Mark deftly handled both the complexity of the legal problem and the contentious nature of the case and was truly instrumental in reaching a solution. Mark has the particular set of skills that are essential for successfully solving difficult disputes through mediation. We turned to Mark for assistance because he was highly recommended to us and we, in turn, highly recommend him.

Atty. Rolf E. Gilbertson, Zelle, Hofmann, Voelbel, Mason & Gette, Minneapolis

Using Mark Frankel as a mediator has been one of the most effective and efficient tools that I can employ in settling matters. He is prepared, thorough, experienced and willing to express his knowledge, when appropriate, to move matters toward resolution.

Atty. Gayle Branaugh Jebbia, Dodgeville

I have retained Mark Frankel on a number of occasions involving family law cases. I find him to be an excellent and determined mediator who establishes great rapport with the client. Mark thoroughly prepares before the session begins, which not only saves time, but also is impressive to both the attorneys and clients involved.

Atty. Margaret M. Koehler, Koehler Law Office, Mineral Point

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark many times in the last several years. Mark has mediated a wide variety of cases for me, including complex business disputes, school and disability cases, and contract disputes. He is extremely well-prepared and has an immediate grasp of the facts and the issues that are the heart of a case. He evaluates the case and offers the “bench” perspective that clients appreciate. These attributes, combined with his creativity and perseverance, make Mark an exceptional mediator.

Atty. Lori M. Lubinsky, Axley Brynelson, Madison

Mark Frankel provided valuable service to the city of Madison in mediating several complex matters already in litigation. Mark was well-prepared, quickly sized up the needs and fears of the parties, and was able to move us to settlement, or at least a lot closer to identifying the key issues. I recommend Mark to anyone seeking an experienced and perceptive mediator.

Atty. Michael P. May, Madison City Attorney

Mark Frankel has been mediator for several difficult commercial cases in which I have represented one of the parties. He has consistently provided outstanding mediation services at a reasonable cost. He has helped settle cases where settlement did not seem likely.

Atty. Paul R. Norman, Boardman Law Firm, Madison

Mark Frankel is an excellent and innovative mediator. In this complex construction dispute, Mr. Frankel’s innovative approach provided the parties with his assessment of probable outcomes and shortly afterward the case settled. Key to the result was the parties’ confidence in Mr. Frankel’s integrity, diligence and judgment.

Atty. Ken Levin, Pepper Hamilton, Philadelphia

Mark Frankel is a top-notch mediator. He carefully studies the law and the facts of each case and provides valuable insight into the likely outcome at trial. His wealth of experience, his thorough analysis and his tenacity were highly instrumental in producing a reasonable settlement in a complex, high-stakes case. I strongly recommend Mark as a mediator in any dispute or litigation.

— Atty. William G. Rasche, Assistant General Counsel, American Family Insurance Group, Madison

Mark Frankel’s effectiveness as a mediator comes from his commitment and the respect he shows the participants. Mark does an outstanding job of zeroing in on what is most important to the parties and separating the “wants” from the “needs.” I would highly recommend him to resolve a difficult dispute.

Atty. David J. Sisson, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren, Milwaukee

Mark Frankel has skillfully served as a mediator on several of my cases. He is well-prepared, thoughtful, creative and assertive when he needs to be.

Atty. Steven J. Wells, co-chair, Professional Malpractice Section, Dorsey & Whitney, Minneapolis

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