My Philosophy

At Frankel ADR, a few key principles guide my work.

  1. Resolving disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible is in everyone’s best interest. This allows parties to get on with their lives with a minimum of unnecessary expense and conflict. To accomplish this, a mediator must be both creative and persistent in pursuing all reasonable avenues that may resolve the dispute.
  2. Mediation is most effective when it draws on the strengths of both the facilitative and evaluative approaches to problem-solving. In addition to facilitating dialogue between parties, I, Mark A. Frankel, can assist in evaluating the relative merits of the case, offering an informed perspective based upon my 20 years’ experience as a trial court judge. Each party has the benefit of a thoughtful and experienced neutral perspective.
  3. To be effective, the ADR neutral must know the case inside and out. By arriving with a full understanding of the legal, factual and personality dynamics at the heart of the case, I am able to immediately focus on helping the parties to identify key issues, separate wants from needs and move the parties toward a productive resolution.
  4. If parties are seeking an arbitration alternative, they need to work with someone who has extensive jury and bench trial experience. Someone experienced in those areas is able to conduct an efficient, thoughtful and legally predictable alternative dispute resolution hearing process. Having taught advanced evidence to judges at The National Judicial College and to judges throughout Wisconsin, I am widely respected as both an educator and a skilled and fair jurist. Those same judicial skills transfer exceptionally well in the arbitration context.

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How does the Frankel ADR philosophy look in action? Top litigators from Wisconsin and Minnesota use words like compassionate, creative, effective, insightful, skillful and trustworthy.

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